Buddha, the Conqueror. From 'Banners of the East' series. 1925. Tempera on canvas. 73.5 x 118 cm. Private collection, Moscow

Nikolay Roerich. Buddha, the Conqueror. 'Banners of the East' series. 1925. Roerich Museum. Moscow

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ART FOR YOUR HEART gallery is an online art shop and we offer a range of paintings which have been produced by talented artists. Our artists are well known regionally and have exhibited nationally and internationally. Many are members of prestigious artistic organisations. We are happy to offer you the chance to buy their works at extremely competitive prices.
ART FOR YOUR HEART is founded by Julia Avsiukevich, PhD in Education, whose grandfather was an established and well-known artist in Russia. Her life principle is "We are to choose what we feel at the moment. So why not to add more colour, more sun, more love and smile into our lives and make ourselves and other people happy! Remember: Awareness of Beauty saves the World!"

We endeavour to give people an opportunity to admire beauty of the world depicted in the paintings and to provide those who is fond of history with the scenes that the artists interpreted in their works.

We also run free workshops, seminars, exhibitions and publish research articles devoted to culture, history, philosophy, education and emotional intelligence. These activities are supported by The International Centre of the Roerichs in Moscow, International voluntary organization "Sevastopol Municipal Roerich Fund" and other cultural organizations.

We donate 10% of all profits to an art and education related charity.

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