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We are happy to offer you comissioned paintings, so if you are looking for a particular subject by any of our artists or would like to order a print, please let us know and we discuss the details of your order and then will contact you when the work you ordered is available.
Art For your Heart - Military Art, combat scenes, war art, combat art gallery

Military art

The works cover a broad range of Military Art, combat scenes paintings reflecting events from the Crimean War, The World War I and II, modern times, contemporary and old vessels, aircrafts, tanks, battle scenes etc. All the paintings are performed with precision in technical and historical details.

Art For your Heart - Landscapes


The Nature gives us life. The sun, the trees, the streams and rivers fill our spirit with joy and vividness. The landscapes we offer are very rich in colour. Thus, having this artwork at your home or office you will feel its healing power and warmth.

Art For your Heart - Still life

Still life

The still life paintings we present are bright and magnificent. The works are painted very professionally in a burst of inspiration with an accent on form and colour giving you a wonderful opportunity to take a breath of spring in any time of year.

Art For your Heart - Abstract


Abstract art indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art. The sources from which individual artists draw their inspiration are diverse, and reflect the social, intellectual and religious preoccupations in all areas of culture.

Art For your Heart - Portraits


Painted with great amount of detail and captivating charm, portraits can express intelligence, vitality and delicacy of the person. Portraits communicate individuality through ages. They catch attitudes and customs. With portraits you can make a visual diary of your life.

Art For your Heart - Fantasy


Fantasy in art is very individual and the artists' works differ greatly. Space, dragons, fairies and mermaids are only a few subjects of fantasy painting. Making an object alive is a particular feature of a fantasy artist.

Art For your Heart - Pets, animals

Cute animals

Such funny and cute are those who make us smile - our animals! Since the beginning of time animals have been associated with different symbols. Thus, a horse is a symbol of nobility, a tiger is a symbol of wealth and power, a cat symbolizes wisdom and freedom and a dog - faithfulness.

Art For your Heart - The Beauty of the Human Body

Human Body artworks

Since the Renaissance period the beauty of human body has been praised in paintings and sculpture. Such a masculine David is by Michelangelo and a beautiful Venus is on the Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. We offer art nude works depicting an artistic vision of the human form.

Art For your Heart - Folk art, philosophical

Folk and philisophical art

The nature of folk art is specific to its particular culture. We demonstrate here the "Petrykivka Style of Painting" that is a remarkable artistic phenomenon of Slavic culture since XVIII century, and the paintings that incorporate philosophy of existence, cosmic thinking and art.

Art For your Heart - Crafts


To decorate your home or office with unique beautiful things, choose pictures, candles, mirrors, vases, photo frames and many other bright crafts from a variety of the handmade work of talented individuals.

Art For your Heart - Embroidery


Famous fine art masterpieces embroidered in silk, beads and other materials can make great home decoration, memorable present or perfect collectible for art lovers! You can also commission your portrait or any subject you like.

Art For your Heart - Art prints, magnets, cards

Magnets, cards and prints

Small magnets, cards or fine art prints will match any budget and can be a nice present or souvenir. If you would like to order a special magnet, card or print, please let us know and we discuss the details of your order and then will contact you when the work you ordered is available.

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