Our artists

Alexander Evtushok

A. Evtushok was born in 1960 in Ukraine. He is a member of The National Artists' Union of Ukraine and is considered one of the best colourists of the country. He works in Balaklava, the town that became famous for the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War thanks to the suicidal Charge of the Light Brigade. Alexander's passion for the Black Sea and history reveals in his paintings. His style and manner of painting is inimitable and original. He has prepared over 30 personal exhibitions across his homeland and abroad. A. Evtushok's works hang in the prestigious National Art Museums in Kiev, Sevastopol, and Simferopol and also in private collections in Israel, Canada, Poland, Japan, Russia, Moldova, Germany and Great Britain.

Lyudmila Kirillova

Born in 1952 in Sevastopol, the Crimea, Lyudmila Kirillova studied drawing, painting and decorative art at Moscow University. Since 1994 she started learning Petrykivka style of painting, a remarkable artistic feature of Ukrainian culture and decorative folk art. Having incorporated the philosophy of cosmic thinking and Petrykivka painting style, L. Kirillova's paintings have become an outstanding phenomenon in culture and art. Now she lives and works in Sevastopol, the Crimea. Kirillova's paintings are in a number of private collections in Russia, Ukraine and Germany. From first exhibiting some 20 years ago, Lyudmila now has a growing demand for her work and takes part in a number of exhibitions.

Gennady Kostroma

G. Kostroma, born in 1954 in Russia, is a self taught artist. He is an ex-marine and that experience as well as fantastic skills of a professional model maker and art talent allows him creating great paintings of modern and older vessels, aircrafts, battle scenes - all made with precision and in high technical detail. Military Art is his favourite style. Any Gennady's painting involves lots of examination and research of a subject, weather conditions, time of the day, historical circuimstances and many other factors allowing him to make a finished and highly detailed piece of art. His paintings hang in museums of Moscow and Greece, and also in private collections in Canada, Ukraine, Italy, UK, the USA, England and Norway.

Lyudmila Avsiukevich

Lyudmila Avsiukevych, born in 1959 in Russia, is a self-taught artist. Her farther was an outstanding artist in the former Soviet Union. Lyudmila is a professional linguist in Russian language and literature, she writes poetry and stories. So her feeling of poetry, music and beauty is reflected in the paintings. She works with oil and watercolour. Her still life paintings involve bright and warm colours of nature giving a feeling of joy of life and happiness of existence.

Victor Gercenok

Victor Gercenok, born in 1934 in Ukraine, graduated from Odessa Art School. Being a gifted artist, Victor experienced fame and social recognition and is currently a member of the National Artists' Union of Ukraine which he joined in 1964. Victor holds joined and personal exhibitions in his home country and abroad. Victor's exhibitions proved to be very successful with paintings being sold in a number of European galleries, particularly in Belgrade, Berlin and Prague. His works also enlarge private collections in US and Israel.

Tatiana Shevchenko

Paintings are my life, my memory, my dream and my reality, my future and my present, my children and my roots. Tatiana Shevchenko was born in 1949 in Crimea. Having been studying and practicing art since her childhood, Tatiana Shevchenko has become an outstanding artist of Ukraine and acquired many art awards in the international and national exhibitions. Her paintings depict different topics such as beauty of nature and human body, philosophy of God and Creation, The Romanovs and many others. Tatiana's paintings are sold at the international auctions at very high prices. Her paintings hang in private collections in the USA, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Belgium and Austria.

Lesya Kovalchuk

Born in 1978 in Ukraine, Lesya Kovalchuk studied drawing, painting and decorative art at Dnipropetrovsk University. Now she teaches Art in Dnepropetrovsk National Academy of Architecture as well as runs the art studio for children. Lesya is equally adept with portraits, landscape backgrounds and still life. Her works contain vivid and luminous tints creating beautiful and natural images. Her paintings hang in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland etc. Lesya Kovalchuk makes her own exhibitions as well as participates in joint ones.

Olga Sharchenko

Olga Sharchenko was born in 1959 in Russia. She graduated from Odessa Institute of Pedagogics (Arts Department). Now she lives and works in Ukraine. Olga participates in joint exhibitions and organizes her personal ones in Ukraine. The artist works in different genres and media. Olga says about her work: "In my art works I try depicting beauty and harmony of the nature of the real world as well as to create a new luminous and invisible world through images and tones. The most important for me in my work is emotional intelligence. Art is a possibility to percept love, the world and myself."

Leonid Fedorov

Contemporary full-time artist with energetic and vibrant style creates paintings in oil, watercolour, acrylic and mixed media covering a range of subjects from portraits to landscapes. Leonid can sketch almost anything very well and quickly. He also creates unforgettable portraits from photos. Leonid graduated in 1977 Kharkov University for Arts. The artist exhibits regularly in Ukrainian galleries and has many works in private collections in Germany, Israel, USA and Czech Republic.

Yulia Harahash

Yulia Harahash was born in Russia. Having Master Degree in aircraft engineering and working in this industry, Yulia always had passion for arts. She started her embroidery practice in 1994. Since then she created 96 works. The biggest work that took Yulia the whole year to embroider is Sistine Madonna (135x94 cm). The most important thing in life for Yulia is her family - her loving husband Vladislav, their two children and two grandchildren.

Nikolay Yolop

Nikolay Yolop was born in 1953 in Ukraine. Nikolay graduated Dnipropetrovsk Art School in 1972. Now he is an outstanding member of the National Artists' Union of Ukraine which he joined in 1977. His works are regularly exhibited in National museums in Ukraine. The artist also holds personal and joined exhibitions. Yolop's paintings hang in national museums in Ukraine and in private collections in his home country and abroad.

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